Indoor Skiing Site of Chongqing Jihuapark coming into service Date: 2018-08-20

On 17th Aug, the Extreme Sports Holiday, the openning ceremony of Chongqing Jihua Park Indoor Skiing Site was hold in Chongqing Jihua Park. Who attended the openning ceremony are as follows, Li Yiling, the president of Jihua Group; Wang Xingzhi, deputy party secretary and secretary of commission ; Guo Fujun, deputy general manager of Jihua Group; Ding Hong, director of the Sports Bureau of Chongqing Municipality; Zhang Xin, the deputy director of the Sports Bureau of Chongqing Municipality; Ye Qiaobo, famous world champion skier; Qin Dingbo, deputy director of the Chongqing tourism commision; Zhang Guangli, deputy chief of Yubei district in Chongqing; and guests from all circles, totally more that 400 people.

During the ceremony, Li Yiling, who represent Jihua Group, gave a welcome address and thanks to the government,consumers and the media for their support and help, and he introduced the special set activity content on the Extreme sports Holiday as well as the new launched indoor skiing site. 

Whereafter, Ding hong, Zhang Guangli and Qin Bo made speeches respectively to show warm congratulations, and praised the efforts and achievement in development of local sports business and tourism. All of them wish Chongqing Jihua Park to progress day by day and make more contribution for regional development.

After the ceremony, the guests visited the indoor skiing site and enjoyed the skiing show and climbing competition show.

After the openning of Extreme Sports Center in 2016, as the largest comprehensive extreme sports center with the world-leading equipments, Chongqing Jihua Park has become a favorite place for sports fan in Chongqing and even in southwest of China, so that a lot of prefessional competitions have been holden there. Meanwhile, Chongqing Jihua Park was named as one of first batch sports & leisure town, the training center for Chinese skydiving team, the best sports & tourism destination of 2017 in Chongqing. 

The indoor skiing site is an important project invested by Chongqing Jihua Park in order to respond the Chinese government’s call for ‘300 million Chinese people would play ice&snow games’, which is the largest multifonctional indoor skiing site in the southwest of China. The openning of this indoor skiing site would surely promote the development of ice&snow games and the tourism in Chongqing.

In the same day, more than 200 lucky customers were choosed as the fist batch visitors entered into the skiing site to firstly experiense in the largest indoor skiing site in Southwest of China.

On 18th Aug, Chongqing Jihua Park indoor skiing site was officially opened to the public. And thousands of people was attracted by the fun park during the scorching summer holiday. According to statistics there are over 8,000 visitors came to Chongqing Jihua Park to enjoy the ice and snow in the opening two days.